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A 13-year-old boy who survived an armed attack on a Mormon family in Mexico managed to hide six brothers and sisters in bushes, then walked 23 kilometers to call for help, his relatives said.

The attack, which took place on Tuesday in Northern Mexico, killed nine people-six children and three adults. Eight children survived. According to us media reports, five of them received bullet wounds.

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Classic there is work to do

Classic there is work to do? But who needs work where need work on 12 hours and get to which in one side need 1-2 hours through subway crowded khachami, either congestion? Why does a person buy a tight overprice hut in the city with Negroes, hacks, Asians and other faggots? And it’s an apartment in the metropolis even cool is the same Peter about half the population live in the communal pissed that even they do not belong and are rented. Very fucked-up.


It is obvious that all these searches and interrogations are connected with Svetov’s political position and activity. He conducted a very successful tour of the regions, in each city gathered hundreds of people. Authorities have become his fear and decided 1. discredit 2. to intimidate supporters.


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